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Traditional Indian jewelry is a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, reflecting the diversity and artistry of the country. Crafted with intricate designs and vibrant gemstones, it encompasses a wide range of styles influenced by regional traditions.

Gold, silver, and precious stones like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds are meticulously incorporated into necklaces, earrings, bangles, and more. These ornate creations not only adorn the body but also symbolize wealth, status, and the enduring beauty of India’s ancient artistic legacy.

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Some prominent examples include the “Maang Tikka,” an ornamental headpiece worn on the forehead, symbolizing marital status and spirituality. “Kundan” jewelry features gemstones set in gold, while “Polki” jewelry employs uncut diamonds for a rustic appeal. “Jhumka” earrings are bell-shaped ornaments, often adorned with pearls or intricate metalwork.

“Mangalsutra” is a sacred necklace worn by married women, symbolizing the marital bond. “Nath” is a nose ring with various regional styles, and “Bajuband” is an armlet that adds elegance to traditional attire. “Temple Jewelry” is inspired by temple motifs, and “Thewa” involves gold embossing on colored glass.

“Choker” necklaces sit snugly around the neck, and “Payal” anklets create melodic sounds. These jewelry names encapsulate the diverse and vibrant traditions of Indian craftsmanship, celebrating beauty and cultural significance.

Traditional Indian Jewellery Names List

Explore the cultural significance and regional variations of Indian jewellery, worn during weddings, festivals, and special occasions. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and beauty of Indian jewellery, a testament to the country’s rich cultural traditions and craftsmanship. Here is a list of traditional Indian jewellery names:

Jewelry TypeDescriptionExamples
MangalsutraSacred necklace worn by married Hindu women symbolizing marital status.Traditional gold and black bead mangalsutra.
KundanJewelry with gemstones set in a gold foil base.Kundan necklace with intricate gemstone settings.
PolkiUncut diamonds set in gold, used in elaborate designs.Polki earrings with gold and diamond settings.
JhumkaTraditional Indian bell-shaped earrings.Gold jhumkas with intricate designs.
ChokerClose-fitting necklace worn on the neck.Velvet choker with a pendant.
HaarLong, layered necklace made of gold or precious stones.Gold haar with emerald and ruby stones.
Maang TikkaHeadpiece worn on the forehead, often adorned with gemstones.Kundan maang tikka with a central pendant.
Nose RingJewelry worn on the nose, hoop or stud.Hoop nose ring with a small gemstone.
BajubandhArmlet worn on the upper arm, decorated with gemstones.Silver bajubandh with intricate designs.
AnkletJewelry worn around the ankle, often made of silver or gold.Gold anklet with small dangling charms.
Toe RingsRings worn on the toes, considered auspicious in Hindu culture.Silver toe rings with engraved patterns.
BanglesBracelets worn on the wrist, made of metal, glass, or lacquer.Set of glass bangles in vibrant colors.
PendantsOrnamental pieces suspended from a necklace or chain.Diamond pendant on a gold chain.
NathLarge decorative nose ring often worn by brides.Kundan nath with a chain attached to the hair.
KamarbandhWaistband or belt adorned with gemstones.Gold kamarbandh with intricate carvings.
PassaSide headpiece worn on one side with chains and ornaments.Kundan passa with dangling pearls.
TikkaSmall decorative piece worn on the forehead.Pearl and gold tikka with intricate design.
Rani HaarLong necklace with precious stones and pearls.Rani haar with emeralds, rubies, and pearls.
NavratnaNecklace or pendant with nine different gemstones.Navratna pendant with astrological significance.
Temple JewelleryTraditional jewelry inspired by Hindu temple architecture.Temple necklace with intricate carvings.
Kolhapuri SaajMaharashtrian jewelry with multiple layers of gold beads.Kolhapuri Saaj necklace with intricate pendants.
VankiArmlet worn on the upper arm, V-shaped and studded with gemstones.Gold vanki with embedded gemstones.
PanchangalaSet of five rings worn on all fingers of one hand.Gold panchangala with traditional designs.
PoothaliKerala necklace made of gold coins, worn by brides.Gold poothali necklace with coin motifs.
PacheliWide bracelet or cuff adorned with gemstones.Silver pacheli with intricate designs.
ChandbaliCrescent-shaped earring with intricate designs.Chandbali earrings with pearls and gemstones.
AmbadaMaharashtrian hairpin adorned with gemstones.Gold ambada with traditional motifs.
JadauJewelry involving precious stones set in a gold framework.Jadau necklace with polki diamonds.
Lakh JewelryJewelry made from lacquer with colorful enamel work.Lakh necklace with vibrant enamel patterns.
GuttapusaluAndhra Pradesh necklace with pearls and gold beads.Guttapusalu with gemstone pendants.
ThushiMaharashtrian choker made of closely woven gold beads.Gold thushi necklace with intricate patterns.
KadaThick, circular bangle or bracelet made of gold or silver.Gold kada with engraved designs.
KaanbalaTraditional Bengali earrings covering the entire ear.Gold kaanbala with intricate details.
Nethi ChuttiForehead ornament worn by brides in Tamil Nadu.Nethi chutti with gemstones and pearls.
KandoraKashmiri necklace made of gold or silver with filigree work.Gold kandora with intricate filigree.
TodaRajasthani hair ornament, circular or crescent-shaped.Silver toda with gemstone embellishments.
MukutCeremonial crown worn by deities or brides.Gold mukut with gemstone embellishments.
NathniNose ring in Rajasthan and Gujarat with a long chain.Nathni with uncut diamonds and chain.
KammalTamil Nadu ankle ornament made of gold or silver.Gold kammal with intricate designs.
KolusuSouth Indian anklets made of silver or gold.Silver kolusu with small bells.
GajraFloral garland worn as a hair accessory in South India.Jasmine gajra with fresh flowers.
Putli HaarNecklace made of small gold or silver dolls.Putli haar with miniature gold dolls.
GulubandhNecklace sitting close to the neck with a circular pendant.Gold gulubandh with intricate design.
ChampakaliEarring resembling a champak flower in Rajasthan and Gujarat.Champakali earrings with gold and pearls.
TussiPunjabi necklace made of interlocking gold or silver links.Tussi necklace with traditional motifs.
PukhrajRing or pendant featuring a yellow sapphire.Pukhraj pendant with astrological significance.
AmrapaliNecklace or earring inspired by ancient Indian jewelry.Amrapali necklace with intricate designs.
KankanaluSet of bangles or bracelets worn on the wrists in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.Silver kankanalu with traditional patterns.
AadRajasthani necklace made of cowrie shells.Aad necklace with cowrie shell motifs.
JadanagamSouth Indian hair ornament with a serpent or cobra design.Gold jadanagam with intricate details.
Moti HaarNecklace made of pearls, worn on special occasions.Moti haar with large pearls.
PachchikamGujarat jewelry made of silver with oxidized designs.Pachchikam necklace with oxidized patterns.
KainthaNecklace made of multiple strings of beads or pearls.Kaintha with vibrant bead strings.
HansliRajasthani necklace made of gold or silver with a circular or crescent-shaped pendant.Gold hansli with traditional motifs.
RatanchurSet of finger rings with different gemstones.Ratanchur with assorted gemstone rings.
KadliMaharashtrian necklace made of gold or silver, multiple strands of beads.Gold kadli with central pendant.
TimaniyaGujarati choker-style necklace made of gold or silver.Gold timaniya with intricate designs.
PatwaRajasthani necklace made of multiple strings of beads.Colorful patwa with bead patterns.
SatladaSeven-stringed necklace worn by brides in Maharashtra.Satlada with pearls and gold.
JadtarJewelry from Rajasthan and Gujarat, gemstones set in gold with enamel work.Jadtar necklace with enamel details.
SakhaBengali bangles made of red and white coral.Sakha bangles with coral beads.
Haath PhoolHand harness or hand jewelry, often made of gold or silver.Gold haath phool with gemstone settings.
BulakiHimachali bracelet made of silver with intricate filigree work.Silver bulaki with detailed filigree.
Navli PattiGujarati necklace with multiple strands of beads.Navli patti with vibrant bead strands.
SurliyaNose ring worn in Gujarat and Rajasthan with a long chain.Surliya with gold chain attachment.
KanthiLong necklace made of multiple strings of beads or pearls.Kanthi with intricate bead strings.
Mohan MalaRajasthani necklace with multiple strands of beads.Mohan mala with central pendant.
KanganTraditional Indian bangle made of gold or silver.Gold kangan with engraved patterns.
Jadau NathNose ring with a chain connecting to the hair, featuring uncut diamonds.Jadau nath with polki diamonds.
Kan ChainSouth Indian waist chain made of gold with intricate designs or gemstones.Gold kan chain with traditional motifs.
BaalisTraditional Indian hoop earrings made of gold or silver.Gold baalis with intricate patterns.
AddigaiSouth Indian necklace with multiple strands of beads and a central pendant.Gold addigai with traditional designs.
Kaasu MalaSouth Indian necklace made of gold coins.Kaasu mala with gold coin motifs.
Surya HaarNecklace featuring a sun-shaped pendant made of gold or silver.Surya haar with intricate sun design.
Mor PankhPeacock feather-inspired jewelry as a pendant, earring, or brooch.Mor pankh pendant with colorful details.

In conclusion, Indian jewellery boasts a rich heritage with a diverse array of styles, designs, and materials used in different regions of India. With exquisite craftsmanship, elaborate patterns, and gemstone embellishments, these pieces hold cultural significance and are often worn during weddings, festivals, and special occasions.

Whether it’s a nose ring, waist belt, hand harness, or anklet, Indian jewellery reflects the rich cultural diversity and craftsmanship of India, making it a treasure trove for jewellery enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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