Diwali Decoration Items List with Price

Planning your Diwali decor? Explore our comprehensive list of Diwali decoration items with prices, ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious, and transform your home into a festive wonderland.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is around the corner, and it’s time to deck up your home in the most splendid way possible. From traditional to modern, Diwali decorations come in a wide variety, catering to all tastes and budgets. To help you create a mesmerizing festive ambiance, we’ve compiled a list of Diwali decoration items, complete with prices, in various categories. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer ready-made decor, this comprehensive guide has got you covered.

Diwali Decoration Categories

Let’s dive into the world of Diwali decor with our organized list of items categorized to make your shopping experience more convenient. Each category includes a range of items, both budget-friendly and luxurious, to suit your preferences and budget.

1. Diya and Candle Decorations

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Traditional DiyasClassic earthen lamps10 – 50
Decorative Diya SetsArtistic and embellished designs50 – 500
Scented CandlesFragrant and decorative candles20 – 300
Floating CandlesLovely additions to water decorations30 – 150

2. Rangoli Decor

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Rangoli StencilsEasy-to-use templates50 – 200
Rangoli ColorsVibrant colored powders20 – 100
Acrylic Rangoli DesignsReusable and intricate designs100 – 500

3. Torans and Wall Hangings

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Handmade ToransTraditional door hangings100 – 500
Metal Wall ArtElegant wall decor pieces200 – 1000
Paper Flower HangingsBudget-friendly and colorful options50 – 200

4. Festive Lights

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
String LightsDazzling fairy lights100 – 500
LED CandlesSafe and energy-efficient alternatives50 – 300
Vintage LanternsRustic and vintage-style lanterns200 – 800

5. Flower Decor

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Marigold GarlandsTraditional and fragrant50 – 300
Artificial Flower StringsDurable and reusable100 – 500
Floral CenterpiecesElegant table decorations200 – 1000

6. Table Decor

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Diwali Themed TablewareFestive dinnerware and cutlery300 – 1500
Table RunnersDecorative and stylish100 – 500
Candle CenterpiecesTabletop ambiance enhancers50 – 300

7. Ganesh and Lakshmi Idols

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Traditional IdolsClassic and intricate designs300 – 1500
Contemporary IdolsModern interpretations500 – 2000
Silver Plated IdolsLuxurious and exquisite1000 – 5000

8. Door and Window Decor

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
BandhanwarsDecorative door hangings100 – 500
Window StickersElegant window decorations50 – 300
Hanging BellsDelightful wind chimes20 – 200

9. DIY Decorations

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Craft KitsDIY projects for creative minds100 – 1000
Decorative TapesWashi tapes for custom decorations30 – 200
Glitter and SequinsSparkling embellishments20 – 100

10. Outdoor Decor

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Rangoli MatsLarge outdoor rangoli designs200 – 1000
Garden LightsIlluminating garden decor300 – 1500
Decorative TorchesAtmospheric outdoor lighting100 – 500

11. Personalized Decorations

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Custom Name PlatesPersonalized home entrance300 – 1500
Photo FramesMemorable photo displays50 – 300
Custom Wall ArtUnique wall decor creations200 – 1000

12. Luxurious Decor

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Crystal ChandeliersOpulent ceiling decor5000 – 25000
Embroidered TableclothsLuxurious table settings1000 – 5000
Handcrafted ArtifactsArtisan-made showpieces2000 – 10000

13. Festive Rugs and Carpets

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Rangoli-Inspired RugsVibrant and artistic designs500 – 3000
Silk CarpetsLuxurious floor coverings2000 – 10000
DhurriesTraditional woven rugs500 – 2500

14. Festive Curtains and Drapes

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Sheer CurtainsDelicate and light300 – 1500
Velvet DrapesOpulent and rich1000 – 5000
Diwali-Themed CurtainsFestive patterns and motifs500 – 2500

15. Glow-in-the-Dark Decorations

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Glow-in-the-Dark StickersFun and whimsical wall decor50 – 300
Luminous PaintingsArtistic creations that glow at night200 – 1000
Starry Ceiling DecalsCreate a celestial ambiance100 – 500

16. Festive Cushions and Pillow Covers

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Embroidered CushionsDecorative and comfortable200 – 1000
Diwali-Themed Pillow CoversFestive motifs and colors100 – 500
Sequin-Adorned PillowsSparkling additions to your decor300 – 1500

17. Festive Dinnerware

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Gold-Plated CutleryLuxurious dining experience1000 – 5000
Diwali-Themed PlatesFestive patterns for your table300 – 1500
Crystal GlasswareElegant stemware and glass sets500 – 2500

18. Aromatherapy Diffusers

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Diwali-Themed DiffusersFragrance and ambiance500 – 2000
Essential Oil SetsAromatic oils for relaxation300 – 1000
Ultrasonic DiffusersCalming mist with LED lights1000 – 5000

19. Festive Garlands

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Bead and Sequin GarlandsShimmering and colorful100 – 500
Pom-Pom GarlandsPlayful and whimsical50 – 300
Artificial Marigold GarlandsTraditional and reusable30 – 150

20. Festive Clocks

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Diwali-Themed Wall ClocksFestive motifs and designs300 – 1500
Traditional Pendulum ClocksClassic timepieces with charm1000 – 5000
DIY Clock KitsCreate your own custom clock200 – 1000

21. Festive Scented Potpourri

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Potpourri BowlsFragrant and decorative100 – 500
Diwali-Themed PotpourriFestive scents and colors50 – 300
Wooden Potpourri BoxesElegant storage for potpourri200 – 1000

22. Festive Wall Decals

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Diwali-Themed Wall DecalsQuick and easy wall decorations50 – 300
Removable Vinyl StickersReusable and customizable designs100 – 500
3D Wall ArtStunning dimensional wall decor200 – 1000

23. Festive Banners and Buntings

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Diwali BannersFestive messages and designs30 – 150
Fabric BuntingsColorful and reusable decorations100 – 300
LED Banner LightsIlluminated and eye-catching200 – 1000

24. Festive Tableware Accessories

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Charger PlatesElegant base plates for table setting300 – 1500
Napkin RingsDecorative rings for cloth napkins50 – 300
Festive PlacematsCoordinated mats for each place setting100 – 500

25. Festive Lanterns

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Paper LanternsColorful and traditional30 – 200
Moroccan Style LanternsExotic and intricate designs100 – 500
Wooden LanternsRustic and charming200 – 1000

26. Festive Ceiling Decorations

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Hanging Paper LanternsColorful and whimsical50 – 300
Tassel GarlandsFestive hanging decorations100 – 500
Chandelier DecorationsElegant additions to light fixtures200 – 1000

27. Festive Serveware

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Diwali-Themed Serving TraysFestive motifs and designs100 – 500
Silver Plated ServewareLuxurious serving sets500 – 2500
Festive Platter SetsCoordinated serving for special meals200 – 1000

28. Festive Table Skirts

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Tulle Table SkirtsElegant and whimsical table decor100 – 500
Sequin Table SkirtsGlittering table settings300 – 1500
Ruffled Table SkirtsVintage-inspired table decor200 – 1000

29. Diwali Scented Oils and Incense

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Aromatic Essential OilsFragrant oils for diffusers50 – 300
Incense Sticks and HoldersTraditional scents for rituals30 – 150
Scented Oil DiffusersBeautifully designed aroma diffusers300 – 1500

30. Festive Room Dividers

ItemDescriptionPrice Range (INR)
Beaded CurtainsUnique and decorative room dividers300 – 1500
Hanging ScreensFestive privacy screens200 – 1000
Fabric Room DividersVersatile and colorful partitions500 – 2500

Conclusion: Diwali is a time for joy, togetherness, and celebration. Decorating your home is an integral part of the festivities, and with our extensive list of Diwali decoration items, you can turn your space into a mesmerizing, festive wonderland. Whether you have a modest budget or are willing to splurge on luxurious decor, there’s something for everyone in the world of Diwali decorations.

As you prepare for the Festival of Lights, make sure to check out local markets, online stores, and craft shops to find the perfect Diwali decoration items that resonate with your style and tradition. Happy decorating, and may your Diwali be as radiant as your beautifully adorned home. 🪔✨🎉 Happy Diwali! 🪔✨🎉

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