Android Ludo Games Every Enthusiast is Advised to Check Out

Android Ludo Games Every Enthusiast is Advised to Check Out

Although there are many board game enthusiasts who love to play, the amount of recognition and ludo receives is unrivaled. The classic board game has been relevant since it originated in ancient India many centuries ago. The strategy-based board game checks all the right boxes, right from immersive gameplay features to age-appropriate elements. 

Unlike other board games that are played just for fun, indulging in offers many health benefits to players, including enhanced cognitive skills, reduced stress, and anxiety, etc. Due to this aspect of the board game, many health experts recommend individuals, especially children, to frequently play ludo matches. 

Fortunately, the game is easily accessible in both offline and online modes. In the latter’s case, numerous top-notch ludo games are readily available for all major platforms. This article will list some of the best online ludo games compatible with the Android operating system. Let us dive right into it:

Ludo Sikandar

Ludo Sikandar is a well-renowned name for all the right reasons in the world of Android-compatible ludo games. Like all other top-tier online ludo games, Ludo SIkandar features stunning graphics, animations, and other visual elements, each contributing to players’ overall gaming experience. 

Besides featuring exceptional graphics, the game also features multiple game modes, each of which facilitates users to experience the virtual iteration of the classic board game in an immersive and unique way. The controls of the game are easy to learn and master, and thus, even beginners can start playing online ludo matches without facing any inconvenience.

Players need to come up with excellent strategies and tricks to win matches against opponents in the game, which further raises the bar of thrill and excitement. All in all, Ludo Sikandar is a must-try game for everyone who loves online ludo.

MPL Ludo

The Mobile Premier League or MPL platform is a highly-renowned online gaming platform that owes its success to games like online ludo. MPL’s iteration of the classic ludo game is one of the best Android ludo games that enthusiasts can try out. The game leaves no stone unturned to offer players a realistic and fulfilling virtual ludo experience, thanks to its top-tier in-game features and options. 

For starters, the game’s multiplayer mode allows players to indulge in 1v1 matches against their friends, family members, or acquaintances. Besides this, they also have the option to play against anonymous opponents. The more games a player wins, the more rewards, including real money, they make.

The best part is that the ludo game download procedure is very simple for Android users. All an interested user needs to do to install the game on their Android smartphone is navigate to the official website of MPL, enter their mobile number, and click on the link received in the SMS to initiate the download process.

Yalla Ludo

Ludo enthusiasts looking for a robust online Android ludo game can check out Yalla Ludo, which is highly popular among users thanks to its amazing features and in-game elements. One prominent highlight about Yalla Ludo is that it also doubles as Dominoes, a popular tile-based board game.

Yalla Ludo’s native voice chat feature allows players to interact with others and communicate seamlessly during the game. Besides easing the tension, the feature also allows players to indulge in friendly banter.

Besides the classic game mode, the ludo game also features an exciting 4-player mode. Players also have the option to create custom rooms and compete against friends virtually. Overall, it is a solid online ludo game that Android users can try out.

4P Ludo

4P Ludo is a fantastic Android ludo game that features all the necessary elements that make a ludo game great. For starters, the game provides every new player a welcome bonus which they can use to their advantage.

Besides this, the multiple game modes featured in the virtual ludo iteration help players play the classic game in multiple ways. This aspect significantly adds to the game’s appeal.

Coming to the interface, 4P Ludo’s simple yet elegant interface allows players of all skill levels to explore its offerings without getting overwhelmed. Any ludo enthusiast who wishes to earn money can easily do so by winning matches on 4P Ludo.

Elite Ludo

There are very few Android ludo games that manage to check all the right boxes. A prime example of one such online ludo game readily available for Android smartphone users is Elite Ludo.

The online game has it all, from a simple interface and top-notch animations to exceptional graphics and an out-of-the-world rewards system. The game’s online ludo matches are exquisite treats for hardcore ludo fans who love playing virtual ludo matches against other players. 

Another exceptional feature of Elite Ludo is the wide range of game modes it features. Players get the option to choose between different game modes, including the classic 1v1 mode as well as the riveting tournament. Depending on their preferred choice, players can either choose to play against individual opponents or compete in performance-based tournaments to clinch in-game titles and trophies. 

Elite Ludo is readily available for all Android users. Besides the regular version of the game, players can also download and try out the AR or Augmented Reality version of the game.

Overall, the top-notch Android ludo game is perfect for players who do not wish to compromise on any aspect in terms of online ludo games. Any ludo lover searching for a top-notch Android-compatible ludo game should check out the games mentioned above. 

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